How Do You Keep A Mattress From Getting Moldy?

By | February 28, 2019

It is very important for every homeowner to learn how to prevent mold and mildew in a mattress. Mold in the mattress is really a dangerous thing that can pose severe health issues, especially breathing problem and lung infections. The first and important step that everyone must take to prevent mold is keeping the mattress surroundings clean and dry. Good breathable mattress with Mattress Mold Removal protector will help you to keep the mold away from the mattress. Choose waterproof mattress as this will keep the mattress dry by keeping the moisture away from the mattress foam or sponge.

Mattress Mould Removal
Mattress Mould Removal

How will you Control Mold in The Mattress

  • In other ways, do not put the wet towel or other wet clothes on the mattress after showering. Do not lie on the bed immediately after showering as the hairs will be wet.
  • Do not spread your mattress on the floors as it is, because mold can easily grow at the bottom of the mattress due to the floor moisture.
  • If you have attached bathroom in your bedroom make sure to close the doors of the bathroom this will keep the moisture and high humidity out from the bedroom especially mattress.
  • Often introduce your mattress to the sun and fresh air as this will control the mold growth in the mattress.
Professional Mattress Cleaner
Professional Mattress Cleaner

How to Remove The Mold from the Mattress

  • Start by vacuuming the mattress on both the sides of the mattress
  • Try to dispose of both the filter and bag after vacuuming, carry the mattress to the terrace or backyard and place it on the clean surface
  • Let the mattress breath fresh air and enjoy the sunlight. If your mattress has maximum mold stains wear gloves and mask to protect yourself from the effects of mold on your health.
  • Taking appropriate protection can save you from the mold spores.
  • You can easily clean the light stains with the help of commercial Mattress Cleaners and light duty cleaners.
  • If possible choose a equipment that can control heat and absorb moisture
  • If it is not possible for you to purchase a machine, call the mattress cleaning professionals to take over the job
  • The professionals will use high equipped machinery and products which can effectively remove the mold from the mattress.
  • When you are finished with cleaning make sure that the mattress is placed under the sunlight for long hours.
  • If you cannot take your mattress out, try to dry the mattress in your bedroom under good ventilation. Open all the windows and doors, switch the ceiling fan and if possible arrange one stand fan to fasten the drying process.
  • Once you are done with drying you can bring back your mattress to your room and spread it over the cot. Or spread the mattress on the plastic sheet or cardboard if you prefer to spread the mattress on the floor.