Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

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Get the most hygienic sleep on the mattresses cleaned by SK Mattress Cleaning Services, Brisbane

Studies conducted by experts show and we, at SK Mattress Cleaning Services, believe that the mattress which is used on a day to day basis can create the best breeding environment for bacteria and other disease and allergies causing pathogens. Yes, it is true that you wash the sheets covering on regular basis. But, what about the dirt and dust that is already present into the fibers of the mattress and is not going away until you utilize the services of some experts like us.

Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

The professional technicians at SK Mattress Cleaning Services Brisbane know that only clean sheets will not be enough for a clean mattress. But what a soiled mattress originally needs is cleaning and sanitization of the mattress with the help of our patented cleaning system.

Know why our Mattress Cleaning Brisbane process is best

The patented cleaning system used by Sk Mattress Cleaning Services is best for your mattress. This is because our cleaning solutions are completely free of harmful chemicals or any other cleaning agents. Our cleaning solutions also include an anti-microbial protecting solution. This is the safest and the most effective way to keep bacterium at bay after a thorough cleaning. This is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Get a good sleep on a mattress which is free from bugs and bacteria.
  • The anti-bacteria solution is an element that has a long effect to it and does not allow bacteria to grow in your mattress.
  • Avoid the risk of acquiring diseases due to breathing in those bacteria filled the air.
  • It helps to neutralize allergens
  • Neutralization of odors
  • Removal of dead skin, dust, and dirt.

Other reasons for appointing the services of SK Mattress Cleaning:

  • Saving your investments:

    Keeping your mattress clean has never been so easy as well as affordable with SK Mattress Cleaning Services. It is obvious that a good amount of research and investment has gone into buying a good mattress which you expect to last quite a number of years from your time of purchase. But it is also true that you will have to take care to maintain it or your investment may be well on the road to being useless in a few years time. For such maintenance needs, you always can turn to SK Mattress Cleaning.

  • Sleep in important:

    To invigorate you to meet up with the demands of a hectic lifestyle, what you need is a good sleep of at least 8 hours. In order to get a good sleep at night, it is also necessary to maintain the right conditions which can facilitate a good sleep. And a clean mattress is the first and basic need for a good sleep. If the mattress is unclean with dust and other contaminants in it, it can make your skin and eyes sensitive and cause irritation. It is the most unhygienic conditions for sleeping. Further, the number of people suffering from asthma and other such diseases is on the increase in Australia and if proper precautions are not taken, you might end up being one of them. The causes of these diseases are hidden dust mites, pet dander, mold, pollen etc.

Mattress Dry Cleaning Brisbane

Mattress Dry Cleaning Brisbane

Know 5 step process of Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

Step 1: Ultra Violet Light:

The UV light used by us for cleaning of your mattress is of a short wavelength with a radiation that is sufficient to eliminate the microorganisms from the mattress. We do this by breaking the germ building blocks apart.

Step 2: Dry Vapor Steam:

The Dry Vapor Steam process injects multiple jets of low-moisture steam. This makes provision for enough heat which is highly effective in decreasing breeding chances of many types of micro-organisms. When the steam enters the surface of the mattress, the small molecules are the perfect size to penetrate into the pores of the mattress. Also, this is the most effective way to eliminate the presence of grease, dirt, and sweat.

Step 3: Vacuum:

The vacuums we use have a peak rating of over 2150 air watts which is  10 times more powerful than best-in-action vacuum cleaners. Further, the high-powered vacuums are strong enough to pull out all the debris and dust which is not visible to the naked eye.

Step 4: Oxidation process:

The benefit of the oxidation process is that it removes the odors that are omnipresent after a few years of using the mattress.

Step 5: Heat:

The infrared heating chamber increases the temperature of the mattress to 150 degrees. Thus, this not only helps in drying up the residual moisture but also restrict the growth of molds and other such fungi.

Why choose SK Mattress cleaning service, Brisbane

Professional Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

Professional Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

Our research wing has spent many years researching and creating the most efficient and effective ways of mattress cleaning. This is the answer and remedy for many issues people have with the cleaning of their mattresses.

So think no further and get going to call our customer care centre. Explore and know more about the Mattress Cleaning Brisbane packages and discount you can avail at SK Mattress Cleaning Service Brisbane. Connect now! We are just a call away!

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